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Treatment Provides Accountability for All

Accountability is the key idea that someone recovering from an addiction needs to embrace. A person must first admit to themselves how serious the problem has become instead of living in denial, and by doing so one will be able to move forward with an honest assessment of themselves and what they are looking to achieve.

People need to hold themselves accountable for what has happened, but also with the understanding that the power to improve their lives is within their own means. Therein lies the power of accountability, which is that a person understands the power and strength they have and that they can enact change in their own lives.

When people succumb to an addiction, they give up their own power, and come up with many reasons why their addiction is not their fault. Unless this mentality is broken an addict will never become sober.

Rebuilding And Repairing

With accountability comes the process of rebuilding and repairing. And this process involves everyone who is close to and loves the person who is in recovery. Everyone who wants to see the addict achieve recovery will also hold themselves accountable for how their actions can positively or negatively affect the person’s success.

Family, in particular, needs to hold themselves accountable. As the ones who have been with the addict since birth and know intimately about the descent into addiction, they are integral in the recovery process. The proper and professional treatment will also hold family members accountable in the recovery process, so that everyone takes responsibility for their role and help heal the troubled relationships that have existed.

The Importance Of Group Counseling

Another integral part of learning accountability is group counseling. While getting professional counseling is crucial, addicts in recovery need to connect with others who have experienced what they have to learn about the process of accountability and how it can help them achieve their goals.

By hearing other people’s processes and struggles, addicts can connect their stories with what they have been going through. And group therapy also gives addicts a supportive environment where they can be totally honest about their own struggles. And by attending group meeting, addicts will be part of a group that will hold them accountable for their actions, which is crucial for them to have during the process.

Focus On Holistic Treatments

To gain control over one’s life, addicts should focus on finding holistic treatments that they enjoy. The essence of holistic treatments is utilizing the body’s own healing energy to improve one’s life. And this ties in directly with accountability during someone’s recovery. By discovering the body’s own healing energy, an addict in recovery can take back the power that had been given up by being a slave to addiction.

The types of holistic treatments that a person practices should be an individual preference, since everyone is different and has had variable experiences. And a person doesn’t have to only engage in one holistic treatment, but can choose to do as many as are helpful. Some treatments that people have found effective include:

  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy

Holistic treatments, along with working with professional therapists, and attending group sessions should be part of most people’s addiction recovery process. This will give an addict a strong and positive push towards long-term recovery.

Form A Long-Term Support Group

To stay accountable, it’s important that someone in recovery also becomes part of a long-term support group of likeminded individuals. By doing this, the accountability will continue throughout the journey. People can’t recovery on their own, and need the support of their family and of a group that knows intimately the struggles that someone in recovery will experience. The group will help hold the individual accountable for maintaining sobriety for the long-term.

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