A holistic modality that has been proven to enhance overall physiological functioning.

Art Therapy:
Utilize various ways to tap into creative parts of yourself through artistic expression.

Cooking Therapy:
Promotes adaptive coping while maintaining a focus on health and nutrition.

Craniosacral Therapy:
Tune into the rhythm of your body and do away with long term stress.

Creative Writing:
Expression through words and guided techniques to bring out the personal author in you.

Dream Therapy:
Analyze those symbols, build your awareness regarding your unconscious process.

Expand your ability to address your daily living skills through increased skills training.

A proven and evidence based method to address trauma.

Equine Therapy:
An animal assisted therapy solution that takes you outside of the therapy room.

Family Therapy:
Encouraged support from your family so that you can participate and feel a sense of security upon returning home.

Fitness Therapy:
The physical body can be just as important as the mental body in recovery.  Focus on fitness provides opportunities for enhanced coping.

Guided imagery techniques and solutions to tapping into your core feelings.

Come enjoy everything that Malibu has to offer with our scenic kayaking trips.

Providing alternative ways to manage those stressful situations through breathing techniques and positive self-affirmations.

Music Therapy:
Music provides a background and opportunity for ongoing self-expression.

An evidence based feedback mechanism which promotes enhanced ways to manage cravings, depression and anxiety.

Nutritional Counseling:
Food can be a highly reactive resource for our mood.  Allow our nutritional counselors to provide a menu to enhance mood and energy through food.

Medication management and therapy have been proven to increase the rates of a successful recovery.

We individualize our therapy in order to meet your specific needs.  That is why we offer so many alternative therapeutic solutions.

Recovery through Acting Therapy:
We are bringing the stage to you in this dynamic and self-fulfilling enhancement technique.

Shamanic Healing:
Spirituality can play a large role for those that want to be more dialed in holistically.  Our shamanic healing circles can provide another depth to your ongoing recovery.

The ocean waves and you.  It provides a great metaphor and opportunity to balance our nature with your healing process.

Utilize one of our beautiful tennis courts in order to just shake off the day and get your heart pumping.

Thai Massage:
Relaxation never felt better with one of our massage specialists.

You will start your day every morning with a soul centering yoga session.

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