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Understanding Childhood Conduct Disorder Effect on Adulthood

Children that struggle with certain behavioral problems may be struggling with a conduct disorder caused by differences in the way their brain is wired. Kids with severe antisocial behavior may display aggression or even be harmful to others in ways that they find difficult to control. Unfortunately, without proper treatment it can lead to other issues in adulthood including things like personality disorders.

Childhood Conduct Disorder

When children or adolescents have behavioral problems it can be the result of issues like ADHD or mental health problems like depression, anxiety and other disorders. A conduct disorder can be closely related to mental health problems that the child and parents may not be aware of. If a child suffers from conduct disorder it can affect their ability to interact with their peers and demonstrate things like empathy and guilt when dealing with others.

The kind of issues that children with conduct disorders develop can later on lead to symptoms of personality disorders once they reach adulthood. The antisocial behavior that kids with conduct disorder display can continue to be a problem when they grow up. They might get involved in crime or substance abuse and suffer from relationship problems.

Personality disorders like borderline, narcissistic and paranoid disorder can stem from conduct problems in childhood that are never completely resolved. People with borderline and narcissistic can have issues with aggression, antisocial traits and various kinds of behaviors that may have developed when they were a child. Studies have found that there is a very high correlation between personality disorders and conduct problems in childhood.

In order to avoid children dealing with further mental illness issues when they grow up it is important for them to get treatment when they have behavioral problems. Aggression and a lack of empathy can be a sign of a serious disorder so it is crucial to get a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

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