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What is a Process Group in Addiction Recovery?

Although many aspects of addiction recovery focus on individual therapy and one-on-one sessions, group therapy also plays a critical role in treatment. Most patients in an addiction recovery program will go to a process group as part of their healing. This is a type of group therapy that relies on the interactions between patients and therapists to be effective.

Process of Group Addiction Therapy

In a process group patients will be able to talk about their struggles and receive feedback, encouragement, support and different perspectives from other people in the group. These group meetings are usually unstructured but they may focus on a certain theme or be catered toward specific people. Members of the group can bring up any topic that they feel is important to them and pertinent to the process group.

In the early meetings of the group, patients will need to start establishing trust with each other so they feel comfortable sharing personal stories. Everyone in the group needs to be able to communicate openly and honestly with each other in order for the process to work effectively. When people feel comfortable sharing they can start to open up and care about each other.

Process groups can be healing but also very open, as those in the group may start to exhibit some of the interpersonal problems that led to their addiction. The therapist may be able to point out these issues and help guide the members of the group to improve their relationships skills through the format of the group. Through the feedback people receive in group discussions they will begin to grow and adapt in ways that can improve their lives.

For people with addictions, their connection and relationship to others can help determine whether they are able to stay sober. Process groups help prepare them to connect and relate well to others in order to help them in their future.

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