What To Expect From A Malibu Rehabilitation Center

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a sad reality for too many people. The consequences of addiction have repercussions that not many people understand at the outset. If you or someone you know wants to get control of their life back it could be as simple as entering treatment to address issues of addiction. There are many contributing factors that will lead an individual to this, but ultimately the person must be completely ready to make a change in their life.

What to Expect Before Entering the Malibu Rehabilitation Center

For anyone who is interested in what a rehabilitation center has to offer are usually able to take a guided tour of the facilities before-hand. If you are taking a tour of a treatment facility there are a few things to consider:

  • How long will my treatment last?
  • Can I bring a friend or family member?
  • What kinds of treatment will I receive?
  • If I have a special diet need (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, etc.) will the cooks here be able to make the right foods for me?
  • What can I bring with me?

Make a list of questions in advance so you don’t forget anything during the tour. You should be able to feel like you feel comfortable, almost as if you were at home in the facility environment. The counselors, doctors and therapists are there to help assist you and are invested in helping you get your life back.

What to Expect During Treatment

Treatment at our rehabilitation center is structured in order to provide the proper foundation for a healthy recovery. Our staff will guide you through different stages of dealing with your dependency on alcohol and or drugs. If necessary, you will go through a detoxifying process that is necessary for your body to completely recover from the effects addiction.

We also offer the option of family counseling and treatment. The repercussions of recovery from addiction can have a serious impact later on in relationships between family and friends and can offer the opportunity for a chance to heal those relationships that might have been broken at one time. You will also be given training to prevent future relapsing into your old habits, so you can be sure your time spent at a Malibu rehabilitation center was not in vain.

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