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Why Should An Addict Detox In A Treatment Center?

Substance abuse rehab centers provide complex, holistic programs to treat addiction to alcohol and drugs. There is a lot to gain from being in an environment with other recovering addicts, trying various treatment modules in order to find the best route towards health.

Addict Detox

One thing that is not that complex, at least in theory, is alcohol or drug detox. Alcohol and drug detox is the process of withdrawing from substances safely and as comfortable as possible. Detox is usually painful and difficult for the individual, but as a treatment it is relatively straightforward and isolated.

Why then do many addicts detox in treatment centers? Is there a benefit?

Safe medical detox

Regardless of where an addict chooses to detox, it must always be done according to the guidance of medical professionals. Ideally, it should be done with medical professionals present (such as in a hospital or treatment center), but depending on the substance and the user’s history, it can sometimes be done at home.

Rehab centers are perfect for detox because they have the medical professionals available, as well as a lot of experience with withdrawals. They can monitor the individual as they go through the process, capable of ensuring that it is all going according to plan.

Their experience with addiction gives them an edge over detox happening in another medical institution.

From detox to treatment

Another benefit of undergoing detox treatment center is that one can transition straight from detox into treatment. Many recovering addicts assume that once they have detoxed from the substance, they won’t be susceptible to cravings any more. But, while the cravings will definitely not be as physically compelling, addiction is not just a physical illness.

Detox is a very physical part of treatment, but for the most part, physical and mental health treatments intermix and complement each other in rehab. The immediate transition from detox to the treatment program ensures that the addict does not have the chance to get complacent, and can start the process completely clear-headed.

Psychological effects of detox

Detox is necessary, but that does not make it easy. The withdrawals can be very physically painful, and the person may psychologically enter a troubling place. This is especially significant considering that they have been using substances to cope with psychological issues.

Upon leaving detox, a person may be struggling with intense feelings. These feelings are not going to magically disappear, but in a treatment center the addict will start learning techniques to manage them.

Undergoing detox in a treatment center is the safe and intuitive option. It is the start of a process which will be difficult at times, but is ultimately incredibly rewarding.

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