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Would You Benefit From Rehab?

The stereotypical image of alcohol dependent individuals actually has little basis in reality. Although people commonly think alcoholics will be instantly identifiable by their drunken, dysfunctional behaviour, chaotic lifestyle and serious health issues, in actual fact a large number of people who display alcoholic behaviour are hard-working, respectable individuals who might live on the same street as you, sit next to you at church or work in your office – they may even be you! If you “like a drink here and there,” read on to discover the warning signs your drinking is getting out of control and how rehab in Malibu might help. Would you benefit from rehab? Below are some warning signs.

benefit from rehab

Constantly Thinking About Drinking Somehow

Do you find you’re preoccupied with when you’re going to be able to drink again? Are you whiling away time at work thinking of strategies to ensure the evening includes alcohol? Perhaps you’re always looking for excuses not to drive as then you’ll be able to drink at a social event? Does every day include making time for “a quick one?”

Answer yes to these questions and it could be your drinking has progressed from a social activity towards a dangerous addiction. If so, then visiting Malibu for timely alcohol rehab before things go downhill any further could be the answer.

One is Never Enough

Most people are happy enough with a glass or two of wine, or a couple of beers. If you find that every time you drink alcohol you end up downing a bottle of wine, or swiftly moving on to the spirits, then it’s definitely time to reevaluate your drinking. Not being able to stop once you start drinking is classic alcoholic behavior.

Not only does drinking a large quantity of alcohol regularly affect your physical health, it’s also going to badly affect other areas of your life over time. Even if you’re feeling like you are coping at the moment, it may well be wise to invest in some alcohol rehab in Malibu in a timely manner.

Physical Withdrawal

If you discover you start to feel physically ill when you haven’t had a drink for a few hours, then you need to look into a local Malibu alcohol rehab facility rapidly. Symptoms such as sweating, shaking or nausea when you’ve attempted to go alcohol-free all point to a physical dependency, which requires medical attention to overcome safely.

The societal normalization of alcohol consumption and the ease with which excessive drinking can be concealed combine to make it easier for addicts to cover up their problem, even when it’s grown to be a significant issue. If you’ve read through the previous paragraphs and realized it sounds as if your drinking is getting out of control, it’s really important to get help before things get any worse. As with everything, moderation and balance is essential for a healthy relationship. If you find you aren’t able to control yourself when it comes to alcohol regardless of how much discipline or willpower you put forth, then a professional Malibu alcohol rehab center can give you the extra support you were missing.

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