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Is Recovery Losing Its Religion?

When people are looking for recovery options, one of the things that can deter them from twelve step and other types of recovery communities is the involvement of religion. Alcoholics anonymous does not ask its members to have any specific religion but it does have some religious undertones and requires you to surrender to a higher power. For people who fundamentally disagree with any aspect of religion, the mention of God can be problematic in their recovery experience.

involvement of religion

Fortunately for those in search of a recovery community, there are also secular options that may be preferable to those who disagree with some of the tenets of twelve step groups. Secular support groups may have slightly different principles than twelve step groups but they follow essentially the same concepts that help people become sober. The important thing is that you have a community where you feel comfortable and you can share your experiences with a support system you trust.

Is Religion helpful in Recovery?

Even though religion may not be necessary for people who are in recovery, it can be helpful to develop some kind of spiritual practice. Being religious and spiritual are different things as any one can create their own concept of their spiritual life without following a specific organization. Spirituality can simply mean spending time in nature, meditating, practicing gratitude or anything that makes you feel connected and peaceful.

Although many recovery groups are likely to remain religious, there are more options than ever to focus on addiction recovery in a secular environment. Recovery and religion don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. Secular programs can be just as effective in helping people adjust to their life of sobriety without having to deny their own personal beliefs.

If you are interested in a secular recovery group, search for local support AA meetings in your area.

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