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Massage Therapy As Part of Addiction Treatment

If you are doing research on the different Malibu addiction treatment centers, you may run across one type of treatment that may seem out of place in an addiction treatment center. Massage is usually associated with spas, yet massage therapy has become increasingly a part of therapy for those who struggle with addiction. The application of this form of restorative therapy in treating addiction is not based on pseudo-research but on scientific studies.
Massage Therapy for Addition Treatment

Research, Studies, Addiction and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has always been considered part of Asian healing methods. It has been included as part of North American alternative healing approaches for the last few decades. In fact, it, and several other non-orthodox or conventional treatments are becoming popular in various medical facilities. It was, therefore, only a matter of time that research made it a fact-based choice for forward thinking Malibu addiction treatment centers.

The research backs up this decision. Several studies in Norway, Australia and the United States have given credence to the belief that the use of massage therapy is beneficial in the treatment of various addictions. The results indicate that those who suffer from alcohol abuse respond particularly well to the use of massage therapy. Yet, even if you have a drug addiction, massage therapy can help you.

Massage Therapy As Part of Addiction Treatment

At our Malibu addiction treatment center, you may be asked about receiving massage therapy. This is a passive form of treatment but one that can provide you with several benefits in various stages of your treatment. It can help you during the withdrawal stages by:

  • Reducing the stress that reduces the secretion of the hormone dopamine – responsible for making your feel calm and content
  • Increasing the release of beta-endorphins giving you a pleasant sensation
  • Improves your ability to relax and enjoy things like eating and sleeping again
  • Helps you become more self-aware, recognizing triggers and elements that can lead you back into taking drugs.
  • Let’s you relax and block out negative elements

This is one reason why massage therapy becomes a part of your recovery, not merely a means to help you through the initial detox. It does mean, however, that you need to be involved in a Malibu addiction treatment that includes this particular aspect as an ongoing and regular program rather than a brief encounter. The more you are exposed to this type of treatment, the more likely you are to become more aware of the existence of a connection between your physical and emotional self.

Massage and Your Malibu Addiction Treatment Facility

When looking for the right type of treatment center, you may want to see if they utilize such alternative treatments as massage therapy. Not only is this a cost-effective method of helping those such as you with addiction, it is also an effective means of helping you and others break the cycle of addiction. When massage therapy is delivered by qualified individuals in a Malibu addiction treatment center, it may prove to be just what you need to help you move away from your addictive behavior.

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