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5 Healing Activities for Recovery

Everyone needs to spend some time trying to process their emotions and heal themselves from the difficult things that they go through. For people in recovery from an addiction or a mental illness, they will need to find multiple ways to heal themselves in their mind, body and spirit. These are some of the best and most effective healing activities for recovery.

Healing Activities

1. Meditation

One of the best places to start when getting involved in healing activities is meditation which naturally helps calm anxiety and stress. Meditation is a beneficial way to quiet our thoughts and allow emotions to run their course as we stay present in the moment.

2. Expressive Art or Music

Self-expression can be crucial for coping with addiction or mental illness as the two can lead to complex emotions. Art and music therapy can be a great way to use creativity in order to express feelings that are hard to talk about.

3. Spending Time in Nature

Living in an urban environment can be stressful so it is important for people in recovery to reconnect with nature. Being in a natural place can relax our minds and help us feel connected to our inner spirituality.

4. Diet and Exercise

Many people don’t realize the amount of stress they put on their bodies by consuming toxic and unhealthy foods. Taking a break from sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods can help heal the body and the mind.

5. Journaling and Writing

The act of writing can be another great way to process complicated feelings that are hard to discuss out loud. Writing in a journal can release emotions and also put them in a different perspective so that you can start to make sense of them.

There are many other activities that can help people heal, but these are some of the most immediately beneficial to use in recovery.


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